Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holding Out

I've been trying to hold out on posting an update on pictures, but I simply can not wait any longer. haha.

I've been married for 10 days, and I gotta tell you. Not much is different. But so much is.

Makes no sense, right?

We're both back to work. We still live together. We lived together before we got married. Our house is still a wreck with wedding vomit. And we're still very much in love.

But I got a new ring. And I call him husband now.

And it's effing rad. I love being married. I love having a husband whom I cherish. And a new wonderful stepson that I can claim as my family (officially). I love it when people ask me, "So, how's married life?"

It's effing awesome. That's how it is.

Also, now that we're married and no longer planning a wedding... the crafting is officially open to whatever the hell I want to do. Good Riddance Wedding Planning!!!

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