Friday, October 8, 2010

Feel Good Friday v. 1

When I decided to trash my other blogs and restart a blog here, I told myself that I would actually update it and keep up with it. I wouldn't let this one collect dust. And although my posting has been sporadic, it has been frequent. So for that, I am giving myself a pat on the back.

In an effort to insure that I actually do post semi-regular posts, I am going to start a "Feel Good Friday" post. My intention is to keep my spirits high at the end of each week, no matter how awful work or life was to me. I figured this is a good week to start since, well this week was a little rough, what with coming off of marriage highs and honeymoon euphoria.

Introducing, for the first time to this blog, Feel Good Friday.

Things that made me feel good this week:

1. A friend's wife had her baby shower on Saturday. I say a friend's wife because I've only hung out with said wife a couple of times. But I adore her. And I'm currently on a mission to make her my friend as well. No more of this "friend's wife" crap. In fact, my mission will be in effect tonight as we are going to a laser show at OMSI with said friend and his wife. Anyhow, her shower was a load of fun and I walked away with a new acquaintance, whom I also plan on making a friend.

2. Although work was overwhelming and tedious this week, it has been nice to come back to my routine. Pretty sure the puppy is pretty stoked on it as well. It's been really fantastic hearing "Congratulations" and "How's married life?".

3. New crafting projects!! Look at world!! Wedding planning is over and I'm already throwing myself at some Christmas projects. Pictures, I'm sure, will follow. Hopefully. If I remember to upload pictures.

4. I found out today that I will get to see one of my best friends every weekend for the next month. Happy dance, ACTIVATE!

5. I'm totally married... and damn it feels good to be a gangster.

What are you feeling good about on this glorious Friday?

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