Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Demise

It is said that more times than not, a bride will almost always get sick right before her wedding. Usually due to stress or whatever. Not this bride... Or that's what I thought a week ago.

Had an awful sore throat Sunday and Monday that lead into a temperature Monday evening. I missed four days of work with a raging fever and awfulness in general. Went to the doctor on Thursday to find that I have a pretty bad sinus infection. They gave me antibiotics and prescription mucinex. My doctor told me to give snorting saline solution a try.

I figured I'd just take the antibiotic and mucinex and call it a day. It's worked in the past, why the need to get fancy with saline solution up the nasal passage?

I'm two and a half days into my antibiotic and expectorant.

I still feel AWFUL.

Well... not that awful. Not since I squirted saline solution up my nose.

Around 9am this morning I finally gave in and asked Eric to go to Walgreen's and get me a Neti Pot. He returned with a "Sinus Rinse Kit". It's not the Neti Pot, but it's made by NeilMed who makes Net Pot. Pretty much the same concept though. Fill with warm distilled water, add saline solution packet, squirt up nose.

I really wish I would have had Eric take video of me using this thing. It definitely would have been YouTube worthy, but alas, he's nice.

Now, all I have to do is conquer this nagging cough by next week.

Oh yeah... 7 more days until I am a married woman!

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