Friday, August 13, 2010

Happiness Is A Clean Kitty Box

Today is the first day we get to see Noah in two and a half weeks. We also just realized that today is the beginning of our extended visit with the kid. We get 10 uninterrupted days with him. So. Stoked.

We're 43 days out from the wedding and I still have so much to do. This weekend will be spent doing some of those things (and hopefully I'll take pictures and share some of the craftiness I'm getting into). We'll also be cleaning up our front yard this weekend. It's suppose to get into the mid-90's so it'll be perfect for brewing sweet tea in the driveway and chopping down the horrifying spider infested colonies that live within the bushes 15 ft out from my back door. (The backdoor faces the street. Love duplexes, but they're confusing in writing without knowing it's a duplex.)

Tonight we will clean kitty boxes, kitchen, and living room for our guests who will be eating yummy meat and food with us tonight. So, I suppose in order for those things to get done, I should hop off of here and help out.

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